Avoiding Overwhelm And Maximizing Efficiency In Your Business

Avoiding Overwhelm And Maximizing Efficiency In Your Business

Avoid Overwhelm and Maximizing efficiency in your business

As an entrepreneur, you probably find yourself juggling all sorts of tasks, often with shifting priorities. You may get to the end of your working day and question whether you've made any progress, or achieved anything! This can feel frustrating and sometimes overwhelming, to say the least. Here are some tips to help beat overwhelm and achieve efficiency...

#1 Know How You Spend Your Time

Wasted time is the crux of inefficiency, and this often occurs due to procrastination, succumbing to distractions or inefficient working practices. The first step to becoming more efficient is to understand how you spend your time. This can be analysed quite easily, by tracking the time you spend on tasks and between tasks, either by hand or with a time-tracking app such as Toggl or RescueTime. This simple exercise can also be performed by your team and will help you discover where time is wasted in your business and where improvements need to be made.

#2 Processes

Documented processes across many areas of your business will help increase efficiency, as this saves you and your team 're-inventing the wheel' each time you complete a task. For example, ensuring customer-facing processes are in place, such as customer on-boarding and after-sales care, will vastly improve efficiency as you're able to follow procedure, and use defined templates rather than spend time thinking through and implementing your actions and responses each time, so all that's necessary is to quickly customize, where necessary.

#3 Tools

Readily available online software will massively improve the day-to-day operational efficiency of key areas of your business. There are tools that streamline many business areas, for example customer support, project management, accounts, payments and team communication.

#4 Prioritize Your To-Dos

Focus is in, and multitasking is out! Trying to do too much will just cause you to get stressed out and feel overwhelmed and in an overall sense, lead you to achieve very little. You need to work with your priorities and focus on the most important tasks. Take a look at your to-do list and pick three main tasks to achieve each day. You're likely to get more done in this manner, as it's less overwhelming and it's then a bonus if you manage to complete more.

Another very simple yet effective habit is to plan your to-do's for the next day, as the last task you do each working day. This means you set your intention and awake with a firm plan for the day ahead.

#5 Break It Down

People often reach overwhelm and become inefficient when faced with a large task. However, breaking the task down into smaller achievable steps makes everything more manageable and helps you strategize and see your direction clearly, which can increase your motivation in a big way 🙂

#6 Embrace Change

If the method chosen to complete a task continues to achieve the required outcome, oftentimes people resist changing it. However, if the same outcome can be achieved with considerably less effort, in a fraction of the time, therefore making you much more efficient... change should be encouraged!

#7 Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs find delegation challenging, because at some point they've carried out all the roles. But, you need to let go - for the sake of your business, for team retention and to allow you and your business to grow!

As a proactive resource dedicated to supporting your business with the exact level of service you require, you can be ultra-confident that your VA will take on individual tasks, projects or entire roles as necessary to improve your business operations, increase efficiency and help you grow your business.  I know a few great Virtual Assistants and would be happy to recommend one to you!

#8 Hire a Professional Social Media Manager

There is a difference between a VA and a Social Media Manager (#smm).  A Social Media Manager evaluates your current online presence and then creates a strategy for your business to gain more outreach on all your social media platforms.  She/He curates pictures, posts, news, and how-to tips directly related to your business service or product and posts them for your business at high traffic times which are different for each platform.

Contact The Coffee Break Executive today to improve the efficiency in your business, dramatically.

FREE Social Media Cheat Sheet

FREE Social Media Cheat Sheet

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To do list

With one in three small businesses using social media, it’s no longer enough to just have a website. A small business MUST have a social media presence too!

Don’t know where to start? This Social Media Cheat Sheet will help you navigate the major social media sites on the web.


Social Media Cheat Sheet


There are a lot of ways to get noticed using Social Media for your business! Here is a cheat sheet with all the information in one place for you!

These are PROS to each of these major sites:

Twitter – has the ability to quickly respond to customers and clients
Facebook – great for brand exposure and customer relations
YouTube – one of the best venues to build your brand through video blogs and tutorials
Google + – easy way to interact with clients and customers. Can be integrated with other Google applications.
Tumblr – great platform to share content and links with a younger demographic of bloggers
Digg – gives brands the opportunity to gain a large amount of exposure.

Reading this may seem daunting and overwhelming at first, but The Coffee Break Executive can help you post and manage your blogs and social media!

A Social Media Manager can manage your business social media and update blog posts for your company. There are many other services to help free up your time so that you can manage your business and make more money! See Prices page.

Your business needs to be seen on at least these two social media sites right away!

Paralegals: Strategies for Finding People Online

Paralegals: Strategies for Finding People Online

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One of the first places a paralegal can turn to start a search for a person is the website Accurint. This is a subscription service that is provided by LexisNexis, and is widely regarded as the database leader in the legal industry for finding people. If you know the person's name, last known address and some identifier (such as date of birth or social security number),  Accurint is most likely going to be able to find the person you are looking for quickly and easily.

Another subscription service many law firms use is Westlaw.  Using Westlaw's public records searches and People Map service, a paralegal can find past and current addresses, phone numbers, property information and more.

Check all of the social media sites for the person you wish to find as well. You could get lucky and find someone's work information on LinkedIn or Facebook. This will obviously save you from having to hire a private investigator and adding those additional costs to the case. Even if this data does not appear to be obvious at first glance, you might be able to find out where the person lives by reviewing the friend and comment activity. LinkedIn is a very good place for locating both people and companies and the states they reside in.

I have had great results just Googling the person's name.  I then branched off depending on the search results and found quite a bit of information on the subject person.  I printed out the Facebook page and twitter pages of the subject person and provided it to my attorney in charge and they were delighted to find this information to quickly!

Another good, and free,  online people search tools can typically be found on your state's Secretary of State website. You can data mine these sites to pull voter's records, Registered Agent and Company Officer information, and even see if someone maintains any sort of professional license. All of these categories will typically list the person's name and an associated address.

I have found some success using whitepages.com also.  If you have their last phone number, you could do a reverse search for the phone number and see what pops up in your search.  Whitepages.com can also be used as the first try in obtaining an address of the person you are looking for and any of their relatives and neighbors.  This is good for collection agencies and skip tracers to serve outstanding warrants and new law suits.

Lastly, if the person has a website or blog, do not forget to run the IP address through a free website such as: http://whatismyipaddress.com/. This will tell you immediately what city the person is in.

If you have any additional great resources you have found in your investigation, PLEASE feel free to post a comment below and I will update my post.

Source: My Paralegal Place: Paralegals: Strategies for Finding People Online