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Blog Writing Service

Is your blog looking a little barren? Need a new blog for your business set up? At The Coffee Break Executive, I believe that a blog is often the centerpiece of a great content marketing strategy. I will set up your company blog, creating an engaging and interesting design that matches the look and feel of your website.

As part of our content marketing services, we'll regularly add content to your blog that fits your marketing and engages visitors to your site. We'll also optimize it for optimal sharing on social media, ensuring it has the best chance of spreading and being read over and over again.

Experienced bloggers like myself can be powerful influencers, rich with talents and social media knowledge. I am extremely valuable to companies, helping them share their message, build relationships and trust with consumers, and navigate the waters of New Media.

The amount of posts per week depends on your budget and I have a few packages that will suit you.

Experienced bloggers are powerful influencers, rich with talents and social media knowledge. We are extremely valuable to companies, helping them share their message, build relationships and trust with consumers, and navigate the waters of New Media.

I work full time in the social media space and, as a professional blogger, need to be compensated for my time..

But then the questions loom: When, how, and for what should a blogger be compensated?

Different Goals

Everyone’s goals are not the same.

Some bloggers are hobbyists, enjoying the blogosphere as a part time passion. They are not trying to provide for their families through their time online.

Others of us are working hard online, not only because we love the art and community of social media, but because we are choosing to invest our time as a means to earn a living. It is our passion, but it is also our job.

We are business owners, making decisions that contribute to our product and our bottom line.

Some blogs benefit from giveaways, coupons, and product reviews. Their readers come for that content.

Whereas on other blogs, hearing about products weakens the blog and frustrates readers who do not come for that content.

For each of us, the key is to understand what benefits our blogs and our readers. We have nothing if we don’t have a good product.

Therefore taking our goals into consideration is key in evaluating our ROI (Return on Investment).

Different Value

Every blog and blogger has different value/worth.

Not only is compensation going to vary for different bloggers, but decisions will vary.

A very well established blog does not need the traffic boost of a giveaway or the keyword searches of celebrity or product focused content the same as the newer or smaller site might.

And again, because of the different nature of blogging content and goals, hosting a giveaway may “cost” or “benefit” one blogger more than another.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content can include sponsored posts, sponsored videos, sponsored series, sponsored pages, etc.

Sponsored content is not a bad thing!

There are two critical factors to GOOD sponsored content.

First, it needs to be authentic, honest and in your own voice. It should add value to your site and benefit your reader.

Second, it must be clearly disclosed to the reader, (and the earlier on in the material the better,) that it is indeed sponsored.

Most bloggers, (at least everyone I know and respect!) would never allow anything to be published on our sites that was dishonest or misleading to our readers. Our integrity and the relationship we have with our readers cannot be bought!

Generally I will only accept a sponsored post if I write it myself because I don’t want to run the risk of having boring content on my blog and losing readers in exchange for money.

Content, Consulting, and Community Building

When we are “working” for a company, explicitly benefiting their business and not ours, we must be compensated.

Sometimes bloggers are approached to write for company sites (brand new sites at that!) to help build that community in exchange for “exposure and traffic.” This is ironic since the reason they are coming to bloggers is usually that they do not yet have an established site! That link from a new site most often does not add up to the value of a blogger taking time away from their own blog (and family!) to create content and build community for a company’s site.

Guest posting and contributing on group blogs, fellow blogger’s sites, etc. is an important way to establish your name, get experience, and drive traffic to your site. But developing regular content and building community for a company’s site is paid work.