Social Media Management Services

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What's the Value of Content Marketing Services?


Social media is growing in popularity and importance by the day. If you are not creating content that can go viral or be shared in the many social networks, then your website and brand will fall behind the curve. However, creating effective content that will inspire social media users to interact and repost your brand's message does not happen quickly.

Our social media packages are distinctly priced to achieve your goals and accelerate marketing return on investment.

It’s All About Content Development

Content is what matters most in getting your message out. Compelling content resonates with your prospects and leads to engagement. We specialize in content development that drives your organic reach.

Content repurposing is another area where The Coffee Break Executive can assist. Taking a winning article and adjusting the wording such that it is considered “new” and publishing that on reputable forums with links to your site increases your reach. Correctly repurposing content also stretches your dollars allowing you to add other initiatives to your engagement efforts.

The Coffee Break Executive can create new content or polish your existing marketing strategies. This is done in such a way that your online presence seems to be naturally “freshened up”. Our clients rest easy, knowing that their investment is working hard for them, while they focus on their core business of what they do best.

We can help you develop:

  • Web content
  • Content Research Skills
  • Social media pages
  • Blog posts

Let us help you reach your audience and stretch your budget using best practices.

Social Media Monitoring

The Coffee Break Executive offers the ability to provide real time alerts to any social media escalation. If a customer or general public posts something bad on your Facebook page, you want to know about it immediately right?

Writing & Scheduling Social Posts

Writing captivating posts and working closely with each client is at the core of every social media marketing team. A social media calendar can be provided for a customers review and approval for the pre-written posts (pictures, video, text) and then quickly review them with you and schedule them for the entire week or month.

Report on Growth

Ideally, you want to see a report that you can directly relate to an increase in your company’s revenue. Key metrics to look for include an increase in fans, likes, sharing, and website traffic.

Social Media Management can be time consuming and often requires a creative understanding of one's brand; The Coffee Break Executive will not only monitor and update on your company's behalf, but will also develop an understanding of your unique business perspective and goals. The content posted content will be catered toward your individual company's perspective and audience, and will be aimed at driving sales and increasing your online presence.

The Coffee Break Executive will create specific, unique content centering on your company's product or business, as well as your specific social media goals. Some social media sites dictate more of a professional tone, whereas others have a playful vibe; depending on which package you choose, The Coffee Break Executive will create content that speaks not only to those engaging on the specific platform, but also to your business audience. If you have an event, special, or anything at all that you'd like to post, you will also be able to contact us to schedule a posting for that specific content for you!

These additional services are available on the A La Carte menu on the Social Media Package Pricing Page.  Click HERE to checkout with Paypal.

Do you just need some information to help you along?  I have some recommendations for books about learning social media marketing for small businesses HERE.