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Meeting with clients and hearing their stories.

Why this paralegal enjoys seeing you flourish

It happens to me all the time. I care about my clients. When I interact with clients and future clients, I seem to have such a friendly, yet business-like manner that projects back to them in a positive way. I build trust by just genuinely listening to what they have to say.  This is so important with business relationships and potential clients. Treat others as you would like to be treated has been my mantra all of my life.  I have had many positive interactions and have observed what my positive influence can do for them.  This paralegal really does care!

I’ve noticed this response happen within the last 10 years. My personality shines through with every new person I meet.  When I am hired for a project and work hand in hand with the business owner or non-profits, that’s where a wonderful business friendship begins. 

How we both win

I’m thankful I have this type of personality and I can attribute this to working with many paralegals over the past 30 years. Paralegals are more than helpful when it comes to assisting another paralegal when asked for help or advice. Even if the paralegal works for the adversary?? Yes! Did you ever hear of “the gatekeeper”? Well, if you are pleasant, polite and helpful during your phone call to another paralegal, trust me, that will get you past the “gatekeeper” who has refused your call or help in the past. In my opinion, it seems like paralegals have their own unwritten rule to help each other out whenever asked. It’s like an elite society! Lol

Build Trust and Create Friendships

Why caring about your clients is useful.  Don’t treat them like a number.

I never believed in cranking out multiple Complaints, Answers and Motions as if they were cookie cutter forms and the client is just a number. I’ve managed to stay away from these types of firms that only care about the numbers and not the people they serve. (i.e., the so-called “ambulance chasers”)

When I am assigned a case or specific project, I digest the content and get involved in the facts and dig deep into the case during summarizations and drafting answers to interrogatories. It is during this phase that I study the case and more importantly, the client. It puts a face to a name and as a paralegal, I’m able to provide educated answers, should the client call and ask for me. During phone calls, which can be unpleasant news to deliver at times, is when I hear their voice and personally interact with a human being and get to know the client. I start to care more about who I’m working for and what I can do to help their cause. Does this happen to you, my fellow paralegals?

In addition, my sunshine seems to run off on my attorney colleagues also, both past and present. I have many attorneys and Judges that I’ve worked with in the past that still keep in touch with me and cheer my successes. I still receive holiday cards in the mail from attorneys I’ve worked with 25 years ago! Not to mention, I still have a lot of them on speed dial! (thank goodness)

Future client meetings

What does that mean to you, my future clients?

This means that there has been a progression of a variety of education and personal business relationships that, as a paralegal, have accumulated over 30 years. I felt the need to share this common courtesy to be honest about myself. You will see up front who you are hiring to promote your business. I provide one on one attention to each project and the results are amazing!!

Time and time again, I connect with business owners who later become my personal friends. Why? I care.  I really do!

It is so important to me not to treat people as a number. The outcomes prove to be very fruitful if you show your sincerity and your clients respond with enthusiasm. The clients are thankful that you took such good care of them!  What happens after that?? Referrals like you’ve never seen before!

I hope you can think about this advice and apply it to your marketing strategy, work ethic, and your own personal life as I have done.  Reap the rewards!

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